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Brief review

Some text to speech programs can be difficult to use at first, I was certainly happy to discover that this is not the case with Alive Text to Speech. To convert text to speech, all you have to do is highlight the section of text that you wish to have read out loud. You can then pause or play the speech part of the conversion, so you can hear every word perfectly.


Simple, effective, and fast – that’s what you’ll get from Alive Text to Speech. As one of the top text to speech tools on the market, this is well worth the under $50 price tag – some programs of this sort aren’t worth the high price at all, but this one is worth your time and money.

Main Function

The version of Alive Text to Speech that you’ll download comes with Microsoft’s default “Sam” voice, which will speak somewhat robotically, but gets the job done. As soon as you highlight a text and convert that text, you can then save the converted text in a number of different file types. Or, you can simply listen to your selection right on your screen. Alive Text to Speech performs the text to speech function very well, and this is one tool you won’t want to miss.

Extra Features

One of the great things about Alive Text to Speech is that you can download additional voices from the developer’s website. So, if you’re tired of Microsoft’s “Sam,” you can download free alternatives right from the site.


You can find Alive Text to Speech for less than $50. A free trial version is available, but you’ll quickly see why many people purchase this program from the start – it just works.

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Reviewed by Harriette Halepis
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